Closer Look

To get going on my new NSF grant with UW microbe scientists and collaborators, I wanted to look closer at what the world looks like.  When we take time to look at the colors and textures of the world it is inspiring, but what if we look closer.  OMG with my new equipment, I’m looking at beautiful details I never could imagine.

I love seeds and pods of plants so I started with my dried plant collection.   Look at this!

holes in plant 2close upscollecting images2018-01-16 16.45.16

The details and the textures of the dried plant are so beautiful. You can really see how the pod was a shelter and a home for the seeds.

I’m not at all a scientist, but you don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the beauty and amazing ways the world works.

Next I’m getting an even closer scan of this plant and will share what comes next.  We are going to get microbial!



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