Science Loves Art Summer Update!

Hey everyone,

Alot has been going on with René Williams Art and Science Loves Art!  Let me catch you up!

First let me tell you more about how Science Loves Art is evolving….  It began with a unique group of scientists and an artist with an idea to merge knowledge, resources and to formally name our group of science/art loving friends.  Our first year focused on fossils… in particular Wyoming fossils.  We gave talks, shared our images, had art exhibitions and invited artists and scientists and most of all, the public (young and old!)  The original founders continue to work together on their artwork and the unique method they developed with plants and glass (glass fossils)




The Biodiversity Institute  helped launch our group with a grant that provided funding for materials for outreach and art.  We had a reception at the Berry Center, a beautiful contemporary building where the Biodiversity Institute is located on the University of Wyoming campus.  Below are images of our exhibition and our work.


In the last year René Williams and Science Loves Art has been applying for grants and opportunities to move forward with new collaborations and has made some very awesome connections.  More details coming but some clues are… microbes (and continued work with Cynthia Weinig, a first year founder/collaborator) ….  spiders…… Roman concrete…… new studio for public outreach, workshops and science and art.

René’s art is influenced by nature and art and she merges organic materials in her sculptures and jewelry.  She is meeting like-minded scientists and artists and is always looking for future collaborators for Science Loves Art.    Check out both René Williams Art and Science Loves Art for crossover projects and to see how art and science come together in the future.  Looking forward to more connections to kids, adults, artists, scientists and anyone that is inspired about the beautiful world around us and how it all connects!

Casting concrete fossils
Casting concrete fossils

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