Berry Center Art Exhibit Reception

Time to share our art and science!

On May 6, our Science Loves Art will be able to not only show our artwork, but explain our processes and the meaning of them.  Ellen Currano is passionate about Wyoming fossils and she has worked very hard preparing interesting visual aids that assist the artwork we have created.

The artwork was not created by just me, the original artist of the collaboration, but all of us.  Using plants that grow in the UW Williams Conservatory similar to those that grew in Wyoming 55 million years ago, we worked with many different methods and techniques before deciding on some very simple, but organic methods.

The very old technique for recording natural science is rubbing or frotting.  We loved this method because it is simple, organic and a quick process.  This was something we could use to create elaborate large pieces or with a similar process but different materials, we could use as interactive materials.

This reception at the Berry Center is not the finale of our work, but the beginning of new goals for outreach and art that we are excited to embrace.

My favorite part about our collaboration, Science Loves Art (SLA) is that it isn’t about US.  SLA is a concept that isn’t limited to a certain number of people but is open to the public, other artists and other scientists.


May 6,

5-7pm, University of Wyoming Berry Biodiversity Center

sla boomerang 2

The link to a recent article about our collaboration.  Great article.




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