Science and Art… fossils hunting!

We’ve had a fun summer collecting fossils, playing with ways to make them come alive and sharing them whenever we can.  I’ve had fun learning more about fossils and plants and can’t believe how much fun it is to hang out with these super fun scientists!  They are so kind to share science with me without the science “terms” and are so patient with me.  On my first dig, I was allowed to join an awesome paleobotanist crew that was working and camping for over 2 weeks.  I came in for just a night and felt more like entertainment because I was definitely the “new girl”!  I made many mistakes but had an awesome time getting dirty, playing with tools, hiking and enjoying the beautiful Wyoming scenery!

Here are a few pics of that awesome weekend.

2015-06-26 06.58.11
Beautiful setting in Wyoming
fossil hunting
Everyone is finding plant fossils and it is so exciting!
ellen laura rene
Laura with the UW Geology Museum, Ellen the paleobotanist and René the artist learning science
2015-06-25 18.07.33
Ellen loves her fossils!

2015-06-26 07.51.17 2015-06-26 10.02.55 2015-06-26 09.31.53

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