art science kickoff summer 2015!

This summer is the kickoff of some fun art science adventures.  An artist will join 4 other scientists to bring fun art and cool science to everyone!  First up…. Ellen (the paleobotanist) will take Rene (the artist)  to find botanical fossils and begin some art creations.  We will be looking for kids, families and anyone on vacation in the areas to come join us in making rubbings of the fossils.  Wyoming has some of the most amazing fossils in the world and although we can’t all take one home, how fun would it be to create your own art piece to take with you!

We are working on our summer schedule and getting the ART SCIENCE VAN all decked out with plenty of supplies for big fun!  Soon we will be posting on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to come back to find up to date information about our adventures.

We would love to hear from teachers or summer programs in Wyoming that want to schedule a time to come join us, or anyone anywhere that wants to connect about our projects!

More to come!

See “About Us” page for more about who we are and what we are up to.

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